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Margaret "Martha" Roberts, née Rawlins (January 12th, 1935- august 19th, 2005) was the stay-at-home mother of some of America's most talented celebrities: Barbara, Skipper, Stacie, Todd, Tutti, Chelsea, Shelly and Christina Roberts.


Born in Willows, Wisconsin, Margaret was the younger sister of Millicent Rawlins. She married high school sweatheart and engineer George Roberts in 1958 at age 23 and had their first child a year later. In the first fourteen years marriage Margaret "Martha" would give birth to seven daughters and one son. On her choice to have eight children, Martha said:

"We are not a religious family. I think family planning is important for everyone. George and I just really love children and chose to have a lot."

Margaret died of a stroke in 2005 in the four-bedroom house she had lived in for almost fifty years, with her youngest child at age 32. She was cremated and her ashes were spread on the grounds of the villa in LA where four of her daughters (Barbara, Skipper, Anastasia and Chelsea) live.


Name Nickname Birthdate Occupation
Barbara Millicent Roberts Barbie 18 february 1959 Actress/Model/Nurse
Skipper Lilian Roberts Kippie 30 june 1961 Writer/Journalist
Anastasia Marlene Roberts Stacie 15 april 1964 Soccer player/Swimmer
Todrick George Roberts Todd 7 december 1967 Fireman
Letitia Kristin Roberts Tutti 7 december 1967 Owner of Willows' Cafe
Chelsea Marie Roberts Kelly 22 november 1969 Fashion designer
Michelle Teresa Roberts Shelly 25 june 1971 Actress/Photographer
Christina Francina Roberts Krissy 4 may 1973 Actress/Model/Ballerina